The people. The plotlines. The passion. Telemundo is the premier destination for the best telenovelas worldwide. It offers a wide range of genres from traditional romance stories to mystery, action and adventure. Telemundo transports viewers to exotic locations, delivers plotlines that twist and turn, and features the biggest stars in the telenovela industry.


  • Africa
  • Spanish Latin America

Key programming

Winner of the Premios Tu Mundo Novela of the Year, Broken Angel is a woman’s story of revenge for the murder of her husband - and the powerful family behind the crime.

With millions of fans, this high-budget telenovela follows the rise of a young woman from Mexico who becomes the most powerful drug trafficker in southern Spain.

Waking up one day to discover she can’t remember the last eight years, Reina Ortiz must search for the truth amid the dangerous glamour of Las Vegas’ casinos.

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